This is a project involving more than just myself and the amazing people who donated to make the journey happen. With your help, Fifty Sandwiches can be a living, breathing movement that can affect society on a grand scale. 

Fifty Sandwiches doesn’t end with the release of the book. This is an ongoing effort to change perspectives for the better by encouraging civilians interviews and spreading the word of Fifty Sandwiches through online platforms and speaking opportunities.

Read about our awesome intern(s) below and contact to become one yourself!

Erica Chappell, Project Development Intern

Erica Chappell, Project Development Intern

“When I read the description of Fifty Sandwiches online, I knew I had to be involved. Justin was kind enough to offer me an internship. I had been naive enough to think that many of the stories would be similar: relating to substance abuse or lack of sufficient savings when losing a job. What I heard when I was transcribing the interviews completely erased those predispositions. No story was the same. And while most told of extreme hardships that I have been fortunate enough not to experience, there were also parts that I related to. These parts resonated with me the most. The parts that showed just how human the situation is.

I am so thankful to have worked with Justin, who is making tremendous progress in the conversation about homelessness. He is extremely insightful and resourceful, and an incredible listener. Being his intern taught me so much about myself and the world. It is an opportunity one should not pass up.”

Internship Opportunities

Fifty Sandwiches also offers credited internships to the college students who are interested in having a real impact in their community and on a national scale. A credited internship for a registered nonprofit does wonders for one’s resume and future career aspirations. Roles may vary by major, year, and location.

As a Fifty Sandwiches intern, you may learn & practice:


-Media outlets and journalists

-Speaking opportunities

-Nonprofits to donate to

-Grants and the grant application process


-The interview process and how to approach shelters and interviewees

-Transcribing, editing, and posting interviews

Nonprofit Work & Networking:

-Marketing on Linkedin

-Reaching out to shelters and homeless advocacy programs

Public Relations:

-Social media strategy

-Press releases

-Volunteer research

Your role in Fifty Sandwiches will be determined by what fits best with your major and career aspirations. Your current responsibilities and role as a student will be taken into consideration. In other words, you will have a say into what your duties are and will be in control to a certain extent of what you learn. Your roles are not limited to this list, Fifty Sandwiches is an open-minded organization, always accepting new ideas and methods to grow. In other words, creativity and innovation are highly encouraged!

To apply for an internship, email with your resume and a short passage describing why you would like to intern for Fifty Sandwiches and I will get back to you as soon as possible!