Fifty Sandwiches: Humanize The Homeless




Fifty Sandwiches is a 501(c)3 nonprofit project dedicated to presenting the public with a rare glimpse into the lives and experiences of America’s homeless. For 105 days, Justin Wilder Doering circumnavigated the country interviewing America’s homeless to share their stories and struggles in a book called Fifty Sandwiches. The intent of this project is to foster the realization that there is more to homelessness than simply being homeless; a testament to the sheer diversity and subsequent complexities of the homeless population. With each book sold, a portion of the proceeds are donated to The Salvation Army Western Province, and the remaining proceeds are directed back to Fifty Sandwiches for future endeavors. 

Originally funded with Kickstarter, Fifty Sandwiches has since been covered by publications throughout the nation and continues to evolve. Since then, the project has blossomed into a living movement that breathes beyond its covers. Whether it’s encouraging students, adults, and people like you to post your own #FiftySandwiches interviews or using these stories to spread awareness, we can humanize the homeless together.

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