Speaking Opportunities

Speaking at the Center For Homelessness Annual Luncheon in South Bend, IN

On behalf of my project Fifty Sandwiches, I have spoken at conferences, luncheons, classrooms, and charity events. From discussing my personal story to the stories of America’s homeless, or the project itself, I have acquired substantial experience in public speaking and take great appreciation of the opportunities I have had to motivate others and widen their perspective while sharing the project’s ultimate goal to humanize the homeless.

The future of Fifty Sandwiches aims to be bigger than the book itself. To encourage awareness and understanding, my goal is to inspire students and adults alike to be an active part of their local homeless community while encouraging peers to do the same. Whether that means conducting their own interviews, starting their own projects, or donating time or money, we can reshape the way homelessness is viewed in this country.

I am always seeking speaking opportunities to promote the project. This can, of course, vary from charity events, classroom encouragement, motivational assignments, you name it. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me for more information and any inquiries at info@fiftysandwiches.com.