Lone Wolf, ‘Older Than Dirt’- Los Angeles

I’ve been out here 37 years. Before that I was in Vietnam killing people. That’s all I did , day in day out- kill people. And I’m not going to say another word about it.  I came out here to clear my head and have been here ever since. I’ll likely be out here the rest of my life, what of it there may be. I feel at peace here.

lonewolf3Violence is passed down generation to generation. Our fathers killed people and their fathers killed people and so forth. More often than not it’s for power or land than social good. People don’t need to be violent- I always say don’t make a wave until you have to. Be true to yourself and be as good as you can.


The people walking by are searching for things to connect with. Everybody’s lost. Everyone is looking for entertainment to distract them. I took that feeling and sat on it for years, I was so rattled from Vietnam I came here to escape. I couldn’t ever put myself into normal society after that. I never thought I would return living a ‘normal’ American life. That’s not freedom and I don’t need to be out here to feel free, you can feel free anywhere in your mind.


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