Terri, 49- Portland, OR

“I take drugs mostly to deal with the pain from my car accident- my ex-boyfriend tried to kill me”


“I’ve died several times by overdosing on Heroin. I got my first abscess on my leg two weeks ago and it nearly killed me. I was on methadone and heroin. I quit them all together almost a month ago.

I fell asleep on heroin with my foot on a camping stove. It burned all the way through my Achilles tendon. It took five months to heal. Those are the dangers of drugs you don’t really consider. The pain was unimaginable.”


“I take drugs mostly to deal with the pain from my car accident. My ex-husband tried to kill me. He rigged my car by cutting the brake-line. I rammed into a telephone pole and literally wrapped my car around it. My face had to be reconstructed. My knee cap literally fell off. I was in the hospital for almost six months. I can walk alright but if I had to run for my life I wouldn’t make it. I suffer from a lot of chronic pain now. He’s in prison now for a long time.”


“I came from a dysfunctional family, there was a lot of crime I saw growing up. I quit school in the ninth grade when I found out I was pregnant, I didn’t even know what birth control was. I pushed the saying you only live once to the limit. I say I’ve lived 12 times. I was 13 the first time I drove a get-away car.

You’d never imagine I have six fully grown children: three boys three girls, and seven grandchildren. They’ve all got jobs or are in school. They pay all their bills, own their own houses, they have cars, and they have health insurance. They take care of themselves, they take care of themselves far better than I ever did.  They grew up to be responsible adults. I have four fathers to my six children. Three with one man, and the other three each have one. They may never believe me but I am so proud of them.”


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