Become an Ambassador

This is a project involving more than just myself and the amazing people who donated to make the journey happen. With your help, Fifty Sandwiches can be a living, breathing movement that can affect society on a grand scale. 

Fifty Sandwiches doesn’t end with the release of the book. This is an ongoing effort to change perspectives for the better by encouraging civilians interviews and spreading the word of Fifty Sandwiches through online platforms and speaking opportunities.

Read about our awesome volunteers below and contact to become an Ambassador yourself!

Volunteer Opportunities

Whether you are a college student or just a motivated member of the public, we are always in search of Fifty Sandwiches Ambassadors to go out and conduct their own interviews. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, volunteering for Fifty Sandwiches looks great on a resume and Fifty Sandwiches will ALWAYS be happy to be used a reference for your volunteer efforts.

Sharing the stories of America’s homeless is essential in reshaping the way our society views the issue of homelessness. Beyond that, forming personal connections and hearing the stories of struggling strangers is an incredible and mutually beneficial experience.

All you need is a recorder, a camera, and a shelter near you! Check out the interviews on  the website or our Instagram page to get an idea of what we are looking for. Send your completed interview to with a few photos and, if you like, post the interview on your Instagram page with #FiftySandwiches to encourage more people to do their own interviews! You will be credited for your interview on Facebook, Instagram, and the website. Together, we can bridge the gap between public perception and reality.

Fifty Sandwiches Ambassadors

Tori Herber, University Of Iowa

“Hey! My name is Tori Herber and I am a junior at the University of Iowa. I’m studying Social Justice with a minor in Social work and hope to one day work at a nonprofit that helps the homeless. Fifty Sandwiches interested me because I loved their mission and I really enjoy meeting new people and hearing their stories. It would be able to broaden my perspectives on people in my community while also being someone for people to talk to. This project will allow me to learn first-hand what people need so I will be able to one day, provide them with the resources and support they seek.”


Bianca Robles-Muñoz- University Of Iowa

Hi! My name is Bianca Robles-Muñoz and I am currently a student at the University of Iowa studying Speech and Hearing Sciences with minors in American Sign Language and Latino/a/x Studies.

When I heard about Fifty Sandwiches, I immediately knew this mission was something I wanted to be involved in. In the future I hope to become a Speech-Language Pathologist, so I am aware of the foundations of language and communication, but I also know the power it can hold. Growing up bilingual in English and Spanish, then choosing to learn ASL, is so special to me because it allows me to talk to different communities of people and hear their stories in the way that they hope to tell it. By sitting down with people and giving them an opportunity and a platform to share their stories, we not only are helping humanize the homeless, but we are also allowing them to feel heard. That’s something I wholeheartedly believe in, and I’m happy to help Fifty Sandwiches with their mission.