Anonymous – Boise, ID

Interviewing people you meet at a shelter with sole intent of uncovering the personal struggles and experiences of those suffering from homelessness demands levels of maintained optimism. Every individual I talk to is either at the worst time in their life or has recently experienced it. For many, I can center my responses in forms…

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Camille, 44 – Boise, ID

Before the shelter closed, a woman I had served soup to earlier in the night had heard about my project and was intrigued enough to approach me.  “You can interview me if you want! I think my story goes well with your project!”  I immediately recognized her from a previous visit. Despite the dreariness of her situation,…

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Dusty, 38 – Boise, ID

The comfort and stability a home provides offers considerate leniency for life’s messy circumstances. When your nightly stay is largely dependent on available cots and timeliness, life’s curve-balls a lot harder to hit, especially when injured. Crutches don’t feel quite so heavy when you own a couch to lean them on or a trunk to put them in. When…

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